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Starting from electronic connectors, Dongrun Electronic Co., Ltd. has established a very good supply channel in the field of connector through over ten-year hard work. It acts and distributes the majority of brands among world's top 20 brands with a wide range of customer groups throughout the country. What’s more, it’s one of the authorized distributors of American TE Connector, the global first brand, (formerly TYCO/AMP) in China. In fact, TE’s predecessor is TYCO. TYCO purchased respectively the AMP, the world's first connector brand, HTS, the Heavy duty connector brand along with HARTING of Germany, the DEUTSCH, the best in the field of hermetically sealed connector, and other global famous connector brands. On the basics of a series of acquisitions, TE firmly holds the global leader position in the field of connector.

In the field of relays, Yantai Dongrun Electronic Co., Ltd. is an authorized distributor of American TE Relay and Switch in China. On the basics of purchasing relay brands that are quite prominent in all areas in the global, TE has reaches the global leadership position in the field of relays. The brands of OEG, Potter & Brumfield, SCHRACK, KILOVAC, AGASTAT, AXICOM, CII, HARTMAN, PRODUCTS UNLIMITED, Tyco Electronics, and so on, are all owned by TE. TE relay products are extensive, including power relay, solar energy relay, Kilovac contactor, PCB relay, interposing relay, signal relay, high current relay and so on. Switches of TE offer electronic switches and industrial control switches of 10 A to 20A current, which have the characteristics of a full range of products of assured quality.


No matter what application risk your components and wiring harness face with, we are able to provide all kinds of heat shrink tubes and other protective products with their optimum performance to withstand harsh environment. It includes heat shrink tubes, heat-shrinkable coatings, adapters and Logo or label products. Wide ranges of adapters of connectors provide high performance solutions for Emi shielding and machinery and environmental protection based on its various styles, sizes, materials and coatings. From the industrial standard adapters of circular connectors to wires with single termination, both the design of adapters and adapter options are able to achieve the highest performance and easy installation.